A breath of fresh air

Madonna di Campiglio in the summer?

An experience that will surprise you

Discovering Madonna di Campiglio in the summer is a surprising experience. Far from the heat, immersed in the wonder of forests and alpine lakes, it will awaken your desire to experience the many mountain offers. Adventure, fun and sensations… From hiking, to road bike and mountain bike excursions, from extreme sports to walks to the mountain huts, the events from nature to culture are made for all ages.

DolomeetCard multiservice: one card for everything!

On holiday worry-free, thanks to the special card that allows you to use many services in the area for free or with a discount: from transportation to sport, from well-being to culture.


Ready, geared up, go!

Let the mountain guides lead you to discover the Brenta massif and its breathtaking landscapes, observing it from the inside through its largest network of routes. Ridges, via ferratas and paths reserve a rare and indescribable spectacle for enthusiasts.

Dog trekking

An unusual and fun experience, to enjoy with friends or family. If you love dogs and hiking in the woods, the Athabaska sled dogs, chosen for you, will take you uphill with a harness fastened at your waist and will wait for you downhill, following your pace.

A view from above

At 2100 metres, the natural springboard of the Doss del Sabion promises an exceptional view and a unique spectacle for those who launch themselves into the blue with the tandem paraglider and fly over Val Rendena. To enjoy the view, the instructor, in complete safety, carries out all manoeuvres.


In the summer, the waters of the Noce river are just waiting to be ridden by a close-knit crew ready for fun, offering 28 km of different routes.
Facing the rapids together, paddling on the instructor's instructions, will be an adventure to tell... and to repeat.

Rediscover yourself and regenerate

Rediscovering your psycho/physical well-being through a deep contact with nature is the aim of the Dolomiti Natural Wellness project of which we are partners. Holistic activities, guided tours, yoga sessions and barefoot walking are just some of the proposals in the programme.

Montagnoli Adventure Park

When adventure calls, the new park at Lake Montagnoli in Madonna di Campiglio answers! The state-of-the-art and eco-friendly park designed with the highest safety standards, offers trails of various heights and difficulties suspended between trees, oscillating trunks and breathtaking ziplines.