Snow week in Madonna di Campiglio

A glamorous interlude in the middle of winter

An enchanted setting, time to devote to your sporting passion and regenerating natural wellness activities. An exclusive, vibrant location, full of special outdoor experiences, such as dogsledding and ice climbing ... skiing and snowboarding, snowshoeing and hiking, to release tension and restore mind and body, immersed in nature.

Ice climbing

The Val Brenta, Vallesinella, Nardis and Lares waterfalls in winter become ideal locations for practicing ice climbing at all levels of difficulty. A sport that combines athletic effort with lots of healthy fun, against the backdrop of an exciting panorama.

Dogsledding in the forest

Playing explorers through dense snowy woods, aboard sleds pulled by beautiful husky dogs, awakens your spirit of adventure. An extraordinary experience, made even more special by learning how to lead a dogsled with the help of an instructor.

Sledding down the hill!

A wild downhill… 3 km of pure fun with an altitude difference of 340 metres and an average gradient of 12%. An evocative route that starts from Monte Spinale and winds through the meadows of Malga Fevri up to the departure of the Spinale 2 chairlift.

Ice skating

It's like in a fairy tale, the Conca Verde lake becomes a romantic natural skating rink, silver-coloured skates, you are gliding lightly...
For those who love dynamic activities, the Pinzolo ice stadium has an Olympic rink where you can practice hockey, broomball and curling.

Rediscover yourself and regenerate

Exploring the environment with all the senses, creating a physical and mental contact with the natural elements, walking in the snow, letting all thoughts slip away... Awakening your vital energy, this is the goal of the Dolomiti Natural Wellness project, even in winter.

Night skiing, try it!

The starry sky, the illuminated, perfectly snow-covered slopes... The thrill of skiing after closing time on the Canalone Miramonti slope, like the ski champions during 3Tre, can be an unforgettable experience, even on your own. Just book at least 48 hours in advance and for a minimum of 2 hours.